HAAKE™ MiniLab 3 Micro Compounder




Find unmatched flexibility in designing today's products for tomorrow's world. The Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ MiniLab 3 Micro Compounder provides extrusion specifications and online rheology measurements for pilot and scale-up projects across a range of compounded materials. 

Using material amounts as small as 5 grams, or 7 cm3, the HAAKE MiniLab 3 delivers meaningful results that enable you to streamline your new material development. Its screw speed and pressure range make it ideal for compounding expensive materials and for performing reactive extrusions.



Getting new compounds faster and documenting structural changes online has never been easier. The HAAKE MiniLab 3 Micro Compounder is a conical, twin-screw compounder with an integrated backflow channel. The compounder works as either a stand-alone unit or can be fully computer-controlled system, and can be used with either co- or counter-rotating screws. It is equipped with an inert gas flush system. Due to its channel and a bypass valve design, the residence time is well defined. Two pressure transducers are integrated in the backflow channel, which allow the measurement of relative melt viscosity when counter-rotating screws are used. Using the optional force feeder with the HAAKE MiniLab 3 Micro Compounder, continuous extrusion with very small volume flows is possible.



The HAAKE MiniLab 3 Micro Compounder Features:

  • Co- and counter-rotating twin screws
  • Integrated viscosity measurement (with HAAKE PolySoft OS)
  • Automatic bypass operation for circulation/extrusion
  • Pneumatic feeding
  • Local control via tablet (Android™) for  intuitive operation
  • Split barrel exit for easy cleaning
  • Compact enough to fit into laboratory fume hood

 Recommended for material science research, such as testing expensive additives and developing new formulations.