The Only Electrospinning System Equipped for Sterile Development of Medical Products


Ideal for biomedical companies requiring aseptic sample development for medical products under ISO-5 environment, cGMP, and ISO-13485 certification standards. 


The Fluidnatek LE-50 ProSterile is the instrument of choice for in-line aseptic electrospun bioprocesses, and medical device manufacturing of sterile products. This system has elevated the electrospinning technique into a new era of ultra-clean medical device processing. The LE-50 ProSterile is the first electrospinning system to offer a fully sterile process environment, enabled by its welded stainless steel interior and exterior, HEPA filtration to meet ISO-5/Class 100 cleanliness standards, and a chamber sterilization system. Glove port access allows sample handling and packaging under sterile conditions, and the vacuum antechamber removes possible traces of solvents while maintaining an exceptional standard of sterility and cleanliness. An environmental control unit (ECU) enables precision control of temperature (20-45°C), and relative humidity (10-80%) to maintain batch-to-batch reproducibility for perfect nanofibers, every time.

Selected Standard Features

  • Touch screen controls
  • Primary and negative HV power supply
  • Syringe pumps
  • Active exhaust system
  • Rotating collector platform
  • High-definition process data hub
  • ISO-5 cleanliness
  • Glove box port
  • Sterilization system
  • Vacuum antechamber
  • Environmental control unit

Optional Upgradeable Features

  • Taylor cone visualization system
  • Multi-needle system
  • Slit-emitter
  • IQ/OQ Documentation
  • Secondary HV power supply

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Maximum sample size (mm)200 X 314
Maximum number of syringe pumps3
Maximum number of needles10
Maximum voltage drop (kV)40
Maximum volume per batch (mL)420
Dual polarityOptional -10kV
Automatable axes2 (X,Y) (dual optional)
Solvent gas jacketOptional
Taylor cone visualization cameraOptional
Ultraclean cabinet (HEPA/ULPA exhaust filtration)Optional
UV-C lampsOptional
Remote ethernet accessYes
Recipe-operated systemOptional
Actively regulated exhaustYes
Relative humidity & temperature conditioningYes
Dimension, W x D x H (cm)140 x 115 x 210